Oral Health

Oral health is very important in today’s world for two main reasons, the first one is social acceptance and the second one is health, note I did not list these in order of importance. So first lets tackle how having good oral health is important for social acceptance, this actually applies more to oral hygiene. So 50+ years ago before there was any dental information out there it was acceptable to have rotten teeth especially if you were a smoker. Many men and women over 40 would get a set of fake teeth and this was a normal thing. However as science, healthcare and technology has advanced in the last 50 years it has become very easy to maintain a healthy mouth, due to this it is now socially unacceptable to have rotten or stained teeth. If you have anything less than a healthy white smile than you will stand out. This makes it harder to socialize, attract partners, get business partners and even get jobs. So it is crucial to have healthy teeth and gums in order to network successfully.


Now lets tackle the second issue, bad oral health can lead to a whole host of health problems. Before we get into the negative effect on health I just want to mention the pain associated with a lot of these problems is incredible. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, so if you want to avoid the pain the I suggest following best practices. Bad bacteria in your body is a problem, it can make you sick and lead to infection and disease. It is clear that nobody wants bad bacteria in their body, 80% of all bacteria that enters the body enters through the mouth. This is incredible 80%!, so a great way to reduce the overall detrimental effect this bacteria can have is to maintain good oral hygiene. A regular visit to your local dentist can help maintain a healthy mouth and go a long way in reducing the chances of bad bacteria entering your system. One way to find your local dentist is at cleandentist.com and we highly recommend them. We understand it can be expensive to look after your teeth but in the long run it is work it, it makes for an easier life and financially better for you on the long run, delaying professional help until later in life will prove more costly.

If you’re worried about your oral health and want to start taking steps to improving it I recommend following best practices, in summary it means brushing twice a day¬† for two minutes each time, flossing once a day and using mouth wash to rinse your mouth, this helps maintain a healthy level of fluoride in your mouth. For more info best practices check out the blog at cleandentist, its packed with information in their blog just click here. Alternatively check out this guide to healthier oral practices.

I hope this guide helps, if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will be happy to answer them.