“You are what you eat”

This saying is so true and it has never been so applicable to society. So lets examine the progression of society from this viewpoint in relation to diet. Hundreds of years ago people didnt have access to supermarkets and shops to buy whatever you wanted from virtually anywhere in the world. They had to eat what was available to them geographical wise. This meant in this era they did not have anything near a balanced diet, fruit, berries and crops were only available on certain months during the year, the other months presumably the tribes would hunt animals and live mostly on meat.

Fast forward to today’s society where we have whatever food, from where ever in the world we want at our finger tips. So in theory we should have a near perfect diet considering there are no barriers to the perfect diet. Well sadly this is another testament to the weakness of human kind, the massive corporations have used marketing and science to make an entire generation eat processed food with little to no nutritional value and load it with sweeteners and taste enhancers to entice your taste buds and get them addicted to their food. You can see this with so many large fast food chains everywhere in the world. It really is a disservice to society to allow businesses to sell and market food that is so harmful.

I am happy to report that the world is making a slow but clear shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Last year was the first year that McDonalds reported more shops shutting down verus the number of ones opening. This is great news for society that finally they are opening their eyes, so I have made it my mission to educate you on what is good to put into your body and what is bad. So return here for regular updates on how to treat your body.