Coconut Water – The Myth

Coconut water is found in the green unripe version of the fruit. If allowed to mature the water will be absorbed into the meat of the coconut, for this reason it is crucial that the coconut be picked from the tree in the green phase of growing to harvest the coconut water.

In recent times coconut water has surged in popularity because of major marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements. It has been advertised as a ‘healthy sports drink’ and has experienced large sales since these large corporations have made it the focus of their business. However many of the claims these marketers have claimed have not been based on scientific fact but on a distorted version of the truth. The ‘benefits’ of coconut water include that it is rich in electrolytes and protein while being low in carbohydrates and fat. Studies have since proven that the electrolytes and proteins found in coconut water accumulate to around 10% of your recommended daily intake. As for low fat, dieticians have since recommended that people be careful with consuming large volumes of coconut water if you’re trying to lose weight because them calories stack up. Just in case you’re wondering coconut water does not contain and significant vitamins or dairy value despite popular belief.

Advertisers would lead you to believe that coconut is abundant with calcium, magnesium and potassium however in reality the amounts contained in a serving of coconut water is insignificant in relation to your daily recommended amounts. Many of these marketing firms have been brought to court over their claims that coconut water contains antiviral properties and that it can lower cholesterol.

Overall the message I am trying to convey is that coconut is not as good for you as you might have been led to believe, however it is much better than any soft drink. I still drink it from time to time and it acts as a great substitute to a sugary filled soft drink. My advice is to stay away from the sweetened ones as they contain added sugars and try buy the 100% natural containers or straight from the coconut itself.