Building Muscle

Building muscle is the goal of a lot of young men and women in today’s society. Many people don’t know this but a crucial part of building muscle is actually diet, the body needs the correct type of food intake in order to build muscle. The absolute correct diet can help you rapidly build muscle, a diet that is half as well suited will get you actually way below half the results, so you can see how important it is.

The main ingredient that the body desires when building muscle is protein, you can find protein in a lot of foods but the foods with the highest levels of protein are chicken, eggs and tuna. The whites in the eggs are pure protein. So when doing your gym work it is crucial you consume high levels of these foods, you need protein. There are easier ways to get the protein through supplements (powdered shakes and tablets but i will cover that in a different post).

High levels of water are important to keep the your organs working well, this helps to burn fat and build muscle.

It is advisable to have a high level carbohydrate meal straight after your gym work out, this is referred to as a “carb refuel meal” and can help the protein go straight to the muscles which results in more rapid muscle building. Other than this you must keep a low carb diet, because carbs turn directly to sugar and is then transformed into fat storage.

You should stay away from all sugars, including artificial sugars (soft drinks, chocolates etc) and natural sugars that you find in fruits, both transform into fat storage which will slow your muscle growth and hide them.

This is the outline of building the diet part of building muscle, I will go through the exercises in a future post. But you have the main part now, start improving your diet and you will see visible changes without even lifting a single weight. Also check out my post on diet and health for a better overall understanding of this topic.