Oral Health

Oral health is very important in today’s world for two main reasons, the first one is social acceptance and the second one is health, note I did not list these in order of importance. So first lets tackle how having good oral health is important for social acceptance, this actually applies more to oral hygiene. So 50+ years ago before there was any dental information out there it was acceptable to have rotten teeth especially if you were a smoker. Many men and women over 40 would get a set of fake teeth and this was a normal thing. However as science, healthcare and technology has advanced in the last 50 years it has become very easy to maintain a healthy mouth, due to this it is now socially unacceptable to have rotten or stained teeth. If you have anything less than a healthy white smile than you will stand out. This makes it harder to socialize, attract partners, get business partners and even get jobs. So it is crucial to have healthy teeth and gums in order to network successfully.


Now lets tackle the second issue, bad oral health can lead to a whole host of health problems. Before we get into the negative effect on health I just want to mention the pain associated with a lot of these problems is incredible. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, so if you want to avoid the pain the I suggest following best practices. Bad bacteria in your body is a problem, it can make you sick and lead to infection and disease. It is clear that nobody wants bad bacteria in their body, 80% of all bacteria that enters the body enters through the mouth. This is incredible 80%!, so a great way to reduce the overall detrimental effect this bacteria can have is to maintain good oral hygiene. A regular visit to your local dentist can help maintain a healthy mouth and go a long way in reducing the chances of bad bacteria entering your system. One way to find your local dentist is at cleandentist.com and we highly recommend them. We understand it can be expensive to look after your teeth but in the long run it is work it, it makes for an easier life and financially better for you on the long run, delaying professional help until later in life will prove more costly.

If you’re worried about your oral health and want to start taking steps to improving it I recommend following best practices, in summary it means brushing twice a day  for two minutes each time, flossing once a day and using mouth wash to rinse your mouth, this helps maintain a healthy level of fluoride in your mouth. For more info best practices check out the blog at cleandentist, its packed with information in their blog just click here. Alternatively check out this guide to healthier oral practices.

I hope this guide helps, if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will be happy to answer them.



Coconut Water – The Myth

Coconut water is found in the green unripe version of the fruit. If allowed to mature the water will be absorbed into the meat of the coconut, for this reason it is crucial that the coconut be picked from the tree in the green phase of growing to harvest the coconut water.

In recent times coconut water has surged in popularity because of major marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements. It has been advertised as a ‘healthy sports drink’ and has experienced large sales since these large corporations have made it the focus of their business. However many of the claims these marketers have claimed have not been based on scientific fact but on a distorted version of the truth. The ‘benefits’ of coconut water include that it is rich in electrolytes and protein while being low in carbohydrates and fat. Studies have since proven that the electrolytes and proteins found in coconut water accumulate to around 10% of your recommended daily intake. As for low fat, dieticians have since recommended that people be careful with consuming large volumes of coconut water if you’re trying to lose weight because them calories stack up. Just in case you’re wondering coconut water does not contain and significant vitamins or dairy value despite popular belief.

Advertisers would lead you to believe that coconut is abundant with calcium, magnesium and potassium however in reality the amounts contained in a serving of coconut water is insignificant in relation to your daily recommended amounts. Many of these marketing firms have been brought to court over their claims that coconut water contains antiviral properties and that it can lower cholesterol.

Overall the message I am trying to convey is that coconut is not as good for you as you might have been led to believe, however it is much better than any soft drink. I still drink it from time to time and it acts as a great substitute to a sugary filled soft drink. My advice is to stay away from the sweetened ones as they contain added sugars and try buy the 100% natural containers or straight from the coconut itself.


“You are what you eat”

This saying is so true and it has never been so applicable to society. So lets examine the progression of society from this viewpoint in relation to diet. Hundreds of years ago people didnt have access to supermarkets and shops to buy whatever you wanted from virtually anywhere in the world. They had to eat what was available to them geographical wise. This meant in this era they did not have anything near a balanced diet, fruit, berries and crops were only available on certain months during the year, the other months presumably the tribes would hunt animals and live mostly on meat.

Fast forward to today’s society where we have whatever food, from where ever in the world we want at our finger tips. So in theory we should have a near perfect diet considering there are no barriers to the perfect diet. Well sadly this is another testament to the weakness of human kind, the massive corporations have used marketing and science to make an entire generation eat processed food with little to no nutritional value and load it with sweeteners and taste enhancers to entice your taste buds and get them addicted to their food. You can see this with so many large fast food chains everywhere in the world. It really is a disservice to society to allow businesses to sell and market food that is so harmful.

I am happy to report that the world is making a slow but clear shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Last year was the first year that McDonalds reported more shops shutting down verus the number of ones opening. This is great news for society that finally they are opening their eyes, so I have made it my mission to educate you on what is good to put into your body and what is bad. So return here for regular updates on how to treat your body.


In our modern society, we spend a lot of time sitting down. This is actually not great for our muscles. There is actually 150% more pressure on our pelvis than when we are standing up and the muscles stretch from our legs to our pelvis constantly. This is why many office workers are now getting replacement hips later in life.

A good way to combat this deterioration is in the form of stretching and a form more popularly known as yoga.

This is great for your muscles and mind. That is why it has absolutely exploded in popularity in the last century. The benefits are fantastic, especially for some one who spends a large proportion of their time sitting behind a screen.

So on your journey to a healthier life, sign up with your nearest yoga instructor and follow what i said on my post about diet and your health has already been transformed.

If you don’t want to pay for a yoga instructor, no problem, just watch the video below.

Building Muscle

Building muscle is the goal of a lot of young men and women in today’s society. Many people don’t know this but a crucial part of building muscle is actually diet, the body needs the correct type of food intake in order to build muscle. The absolute correct diet can help you rapidly build muscle, a diet that is half as well suited will get you actually way below half the results, so you can see how important it is.

The main ingredient that the body desires when building muscle is protein, you can find protein in a lot of foods but the foods with the highest levels of protein are chicken, eggs and tuna. The whites in the eggs are pure protein. So when doing your gym work it is crucial you consume high levels of these foods, you need protein. There are easier ways to get the protein through supplements (powdered shakes and tablets but i will cover that in a different post).

High levels of water are important to keep the your organs working well, this helps to burn fat and build muscle.

It is advisable to have a high level carbohydrate meal straight after your gym work out, this is referred to as a “carb refuel meal” and can help the protein go straight to the muscles which results in more rapid muscle building. Other than this you must keep a low carb diet, because carbs turn directly to sugar and is then transformed into fat storage.

You should stay away from all sugars, including artificial sugars (soft drinks, chocolates etc) and natural sugars that you find in fruits, both transform into fat storage which will slow your muscle growth and hide them.

This is the outline of building the diet part of building muscle, I will go through the exercises in a future post. But you have the main part now, start improving your diet and you will see visible changes without even lifting a single weight. Also check out my post on diet and health for a better overall understanding of this topic.